Odd Thomas – Less than satisfying

As a Dean Koontz fan, I was excited to discover that one of his most interesting characters would be morphed into a movie.  Odd Thomas was, for a time, one of my favorite current literary characters (he has since become a bit too preachy for me and I still haven’t read the newest Odd  book).  So I was intrigued to see how the book would come to life on the screen.  I will say that the casting off the titular character was pretty spot on.  Anton Yelchin made me believe he was Odd.   But where Odd’s casting worked, I was very disappointed in both the characterization and casting of Odd’s friend, Ozzie.  His role was barely a footnote in the story and the scene he is in could easily have been left on the cutting room floor if not for the fact that it would piss off the book lovers.  I was also disappointed that Elvis was left out entirely.  And no, that life size cut out doesn’t fix it.  Elvis was part of what showed Odd’s true character – how much he wanted to help the dead and how frustrating their inability to speak could be.   While the story itself seemed pretty close to the book (it’s been YEARS since I last read the novel) I think it could have seemed confusing to those who weren’t already familiar with the stories/characters.  The special effects seemed cheap and more like a “made for tv” movie rather than a major theatrical release, which may explain why it never actually made it into the theaters and instead went the direct to DVD route.  I give Odd Thomas 2 out of 5 stars.